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• Karen & Breno •

We’re parents, movie addicts, believers, chocoholics.

We work well together because we're on the same team. We've worked numerous weddings since 2016 and your experience with us has remained our top priority.  

Our favorite thing about doing weddings has to be thought of one day, long into the future when your kids are all grown up and about to have their own wedding that you’ll pull out the photo album and see that no detail was missed. You’ll look back on these photos and remember it exactly like you see in the photos. You’ll press play on the video and hear your maid of honors speech again, where she tells the story of your beginning from her perspective. You’ll pause each scene from the reception just to catch your uncle doing that one move everyone finds hilarious! While posting on social media is great and all, we’re in this for the value it brings in the future.


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